Bed Bath and Beyond has some of the most unique items for the home one could ever ask for. The store isn’t shy about handing out coupons to shoppers either, since that’s one of the best ways to get someone to come in and spend their hard-earned cash. For shoppers who reside in Canada it’s actually fairly easy to get coupons for the store. If, that is, shoppers know where to look for them.

Get a Bed Bath And Beyond Coupon From the Physical Newsletter
For those who really want to get a discount at Bed Bath and Beyond the best way to do it is to sign up for the newsletter. This newsletter will be delivered right to a customer’s door with a discount offer every 6-8 weeks, and the coupon is typically good for up to 20 percent off of any single item in the store. In addition to the normal deals the newsletter will also come with a special, birthday offer for anyone who signs up. The only downside of this approach is that the coupons have the recipient’s name on them. That means that these coupons can’t be shared with friends, but it is possible for the individual to make the purchase and then to give the item to a friend afterward.

Sign Up Online
In addition to the physical newsletter that’s sent to someone’s home it’s also possible to sign up online for additional offers, discounts, and news. All someone has to do is log on to and click the tab near the top of the page that says “Sign Up For Offers.” Simply click that link and sign up for the email offers that Bed Bath and Beyond has. Bed Bath And Beyond CouponAs soon as a customer signs up and the email address and phone number given are verified a 20 percent off coupon is sent right to the new member’s email. In addition to the initial coupon users will receive other offers via email, thus doubling the chances that he or she will have solid discounts to use when it’s time to go shopping at this particular outlet store.

Other Coupons and Offers
While there are other ways to get these offers, they aren’t as reliable as the first two. Advertising circulars for Bed Bath and Beyond often have coupons on the rear page or somewhere inside nestled in with the discounts and ads. There are often vouchers or offers that come with special store giveaways, with opening a Bed Bath and Beyond account, or just on the receipt a customer is given after a purchase. If someone searches online it’s possible to find sites that will offer online sales codes, but this method is always less reliable than getting the discounts directly from the store itself.

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Keep Watching
For those who are serious about getting coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond in Canada it’s important to keep an eye out. Check the website regularly, watch an email box and go through the mail. The offers will come if a shopper remains vigilant, and shops often.